Monday, October 3, 2011

TOS AIMS PDF Review of Gettings Into Geometry

Wesley and I had the chance to review a product called Gettings Into Geometry by AIMS.

This workbook will help you teach your child the following concepts:
Triangles, rectangles, and squares jump off the pages as the activities in Getting Into Geometry have students using movement and their senses to learn the names and attributers of two-dimensional shapes. Early learners will step out the shapes, use scarves to draw them in the air, and make shape snakes out of fuzzy chenille stems. They will also find shapes in their world—on the bus, in the classroom, outdoors, and in photographs.

Once they have learned the 2-D shapes, students will compose them into other shapes like tangram trees, planes, animals, etc., helping them understand that the shape remains the same regardless of its orientation. Cutting, folding, and painting are used to teach children about line symmetry.
Moving to three-dimensional solids, young learners will compare and contrast their basic attributes. They will relate the 3-D objects to their 2-D picture representations and will combine 3-D solids to create new solids.

 A section is included on spatial relationships in which students describe the relative positions of objects using terms such as “in front of,” “behind,” “next to,” “above,” and “below.” Finally, there is a section of playful practice that uses games to reinforce concepts learned throughout the book.
Each topic has several great activities to help teach the concepts in a fun and playful way and the activities are also reviewed at the end of the book.

What I liked about this book was the fact I could read over the activities and print out what I felt was necessary for Wesley. If I had a group of older children in my care that day I could print out extra worksheets and everyone could participate.

One object that I found was important to have were Geometric shapes to use as manipulatives. The hands on helped my son understand what he was doing even more so, and some of the activities require them.

This book is designed for Kindergarten to Grade 1. It is 264 pages long and contains 48 activities.  The Physical workbook and the Digital PDF cost $24.99 each, but for international customers like myself(I live in Canada) the downloadable version is cheaper due to shipping cost. The one downside is you don't get the CD with the PDF version. Usually $24.99 is more money then I like to spend on a workbook, unless it consists of a complete subject for that grade level for example Grade 1 Math. But for a book that consists of only one topic it seems to be a good buy.

Thank-you AIMS Educational Foundation for allowing try out your workbook.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this PDF for free in exchange for my honest option.

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  1. This was super helpful thank you! I've been looking for something that helps with getting into math and shapes.